Field Trip–Chester and Far Hills

I really do what I say I do.

Find Gardens to visit on Open Days

Even though I design gardens and landscapes every day for a living, I still love to discover other people’s gardens. Today, despite the gloomy forecast, I’m going to take advantage of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days in Morris and Somerset counties. I never know what discovery I’ll make or if I’ll even like the gardens I visit…usually there’s some tidbit that I find interesting or worthy of a quick sketch or photo, but sometimes the gardens are absolutely breathtaking.

The remnants of an Ellen Biddle Shipman garden in Lamington from a previous year’s visit

2 thoughts on “Field Trip–Chester and Far Hills

  1. I love to visit public and private “formal” gardens and experience the mood of the different spaces. Just don’t have the luxury of going to many–so meantime I can enjoy your pictures. Thanks for sharing your photos and your insight.

  2. You’re welcome Millie. There’s always gardens to visit, plants to trade, ideas to be had…even in your woods and fields. That’s where I’ve learned the most.

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