Field Trip: Jungle

Hip isn’t a description usually used for garden centers.  Jungle, in Brooklyn, is hip.  Owner and landscape designer, Amanda Mitchell has created a smart and compelling space in trendy Williamsburg that blends vintage and contemporary, urban and bucolic, rustic and sleek, cutting edge and ancient near the East River.

jungle sidewalk 1024x768 Field Trip:  Jungle

A brick wall with a bird mural painted by naturalistic street artist Roa, dominates one side of the nursery.

Roa bird Jungle2 768x1024 Field Trip:  Jungle

roa bird at Jungle Design Brooklyn 1024x768 Field Trip:  Jungle

The  opposite side has a bluish theme. A baby blue pergola hung with vintage style railroad lamps, a blue structure of unknown use, and in the rear behind a beautifully built pergola that spans the space and next to the diminutive design studio, a patio continued the baby blue theme.

blue pergola 1024x681 Field Trip:  Jungle

patio 768x1024 Field Trip:  Jungle

I visited Jungle for a party thrown by Dutch Tub.  There were several of them as well as their portable and very clever multipurpose wood stove/pizza oven Outdooroven which was being put to good use making pizzas for the guests.

oven in use1 768x1024 Field Trip:  Jungle

Jungle party at night 1024x768 Field Trip:  Jungle


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2 Responses to Field Trip: Jungle

  1. Brian says:

    I really wish this store had been open during my decade in Williamsburg. I’ve been meaning to check it out on one of my visits back. I really covet that pizza oven.

  2. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    The cool thing about the pizza oven is its portability…small enough to grab and go if you want to!

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