Field Trip: Wave Hill

I didn’t set out to go to Wave Hill on Saturday, but it was a better day for ending up there.  I was surprised that on a glorious fall day there weren’t more people in this remarkable garden.  Each time I visit Wave Hill my experience is different.  I think that’s part of its magic.

everpresent 300x239 Field Trip: Wave Hill

In the woodland garden

My two hour plus stroll with a friend revealed autumn’s long shadows and their impact on the garden’s classical structure.  The plantings at Wave Hill are just as exuberant and dramatic as the structures and were in their end of season show–remarkable.

Sumacs 300x240 Field Trip: Wave Hill

Views of the Hudson River are everywhere–some loom large, others peak through from different areas of the garden.

view of the hudson 300x225 Field Trip: Wave Hill

A small view of the Hudson across the dry garden

I felt myself wanting to look at a plan of the garden’s bones, but not so much that I wanted to go inside and seek one out.  In these October days garden lovers in four season climates feel the warmth slowly seeping away and winter approaching.  We want to enjoy the last of the warmth on our backs and faces, we don’t want to go in, even though we know that much of what we grow needs the cold to be able to give us such joy again next spring.

Greenhouse and agave 225x300 Field Trip: Wave Hill

The Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory

Pergola and lawn 225x300 Field Trip: Wave Hill

View from the main pergola back to the lawn

Dry garden 300x225 Field Trip: Wave Hill

The Dry Garden

Peastone path 225x300 Field Trip: Wave Hill


long shadows 225x300 Field Trip: Wave Hill

Low late sun

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3 Responses to Field Trip: Wave Hill

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  2. Christina Salwitz says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. This is a place I have always wanted to visit. You gave me a teaser taste of it, now I want to go even more!

  3. louise says:

    Hope to get down before the snow flys! Thanks for the reminder
    Hey! I love those diarmuid gavin utubes! everybody should check em out!
    this one is the redmond garden.

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