Garden Color Inspiration: Green

It might seem counterintuitive to add more green to a garden, but lately to my landscape designer’s eyes, green looks like it should, fresh and new.  (Go ahead, groan at that word use!) Two years ago, a version of green was the color of the year, but it was largely ignored by outdoor designers–perhaps we think we have the corner on green with our plant palettes.

Via Veranda

These greens aren’t the citrus based hues that have been screaming at us for several seasons as both accents and plants, but the deeper and more complex matte greens of the forest floor and canopy.

via Acanthus and Acorn

Green has been showing up in interior magazines and blogs and on the runway for a while now.

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Andrea Pompilo

Green has long been used on fence panels and trelliage, but it can also color furniture and accessories.

Green box planter

Via Jardins du Roi Soleil

It can be new looking and  surprising choice in a landscape adding a layer of complexity to the already existing organic greens that are there.

Some greens to play with… Green palette Left to right Farrow and Ball/Calke Green, Ralph Lauren/Campbell Green, Benjamin Moore/Amazon Moss and Sherwin-Williams/Shamrock.  All of these can be mixed as an exterior stain or paint.

5 thoughts on “Garden Color Inspiration: Green

  1. I’ve been wondering how to obscure a new 350-gallon propane tank and large generator newly installed at the front of the house. These greens inspire. Some kind of fencing (the deer can’t eat that) in a particular green that works in winter as well as summer might just do the trick.

  2. Hello,

    Interesting and perceptive.

    If anyone wants to see how using green was addressed a generation ago, check out “Color in Your Garden” by Penelope Hobhouse and “The Green Tapestry” by Beth Chatto. A new book, that I’ve not read, is “Green: A History of a Color” by Michel Pastoureau.

    All the best,
    Ed Morrow
    Carmel Valley, CA

  3. Hi Ed –

    I have the Hobhouse book and also Rosemary Verey’s book on color. There are so many ways beyond plants to think about color outside and I write about it frequently…musing on one color or another. Have done aubergine, pink, navy blue and black recently…

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