Garden Design Details: Cleveland Underfoot

I was visiting gardens in the greater Cleveland area last week and what struck me most was the details.  There were wonderful, thoughtful ideas in almost every garden of the more than 30 we visited.

Here are some of the wide variety of uses for natural stone paving and steps seen in the gardens.  Some of these were found on modest properties, others on grand estates.  All are interesting and can be easily reinterpreted…all except the hand carved steps that is.

At landscape designer, Ann Cicarella’s home garden…

Carved rosette and bluestone set in pea gravel
Masterful intersection of four types of stone

At a private garden…the house was mid-century…

Double sets of limestone treads used as risers

At designers Sabrina Schweyer, APLD and Samuel Salsbury FAPLD’s home garden in Akron…

Natural stone steps and wall with 'mushroom' light
Slab bridge over small stream

At Stan Hywet Hall, now a public garden, once a grand country manor in Akron…

Hand carved limestone risers
Ellen Biddle Shipman--classic bluestone/brick walkway

And at two different private gardens.  Unusual sandstone paver driveways. The second is at a private home.  The second is part of a grand manor designed by LD Taylor from 1929-32.

Stone paver patterns
Sandstone car park in a classical pattern

Many of the rest of my photos will be used to illustrate ideas throughout the coming months…hope you stick around and enjoy!


One thought on “Garden Design Details: Cleveland Underfoot

  1. Susan-
    Darn! I am in Cleveland and would have loved to have shown you around some wonderful gardens!
    Looks like you already had a tour guide, though.
    Please contact me if you return, OK?

    I didn’t know you were there Anna or I would have given you a call

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