Garden Design Details: Fences

Whenever I see an interesting fence I take a photo or if it’s online or in a magazine I clip it and save it for future reference…someday I’ll get to design a garden fence that’s more than a functional backdrop, and when that happens…here’s some of what I’ve been saving as inspiration…

This fence surrounds part of the James Rose house which is preserved as a museum in Ridgewood, NJ.

Fence detail

A funky concrete fence at Urban Roots in Buffalo, NY

Fence Gate with sculptural bench

Another funky and colorful choice found on Houzz

Playful and colorful

A woven stick fence in the parking lot of Terrain.

Stick Fence and Grasses in the parking lot

Found on Pinterest…I tried to trace the link back to its origin but no luck.

Ceiling and roofing materials (unknown link)

An uber modernist fence…once again found on Pinterest and I couldn’t trace back the link.

All clean lines and geometry



3 thoughts on “Garden Design Details: Fences

  1. All so nice! I see a Susan Cohan book from expanding on this post. (!!) Especially if it includes appropriate fencing examples from the various, different parts of our continent, where different materials work because of different environmental constraints or unique cultural needs.
    What a great idea, David. Let’s talk!–s

  2. Yes – we must talk more about this – so many idea beyond the oft-blah or inappropriate out there! From funky to proper…

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