Garden Design Details: Painted Wood

Some inspiration to cure the January blahs.  With it so drab in the garden outside, I crave some color.  Paint is often the least expensive way to change any space and that includes those outside.  Creative and bold use of color can alter a garden’s design. It can transform a utilitary object into a focal point. It can make a background player a star.  It can lift the view up to the sky or keep it firmly focused on the ground.

There are many opportunities to add color with paint and wood is the easiest.  More often it is stained white or green or left to weather it fades into the background.  When painted it becomes something else entirely.

Mint green shutters

A fantastic combination of house color, mint green shutters and plantings.  Test colors out by painting samples first.

Tangerine bench with light blue pots

Tangerine Tango is the 2012 color of the year…combine it with the palest blue and it becomes a sophisticated garden statement.

Potting Bench (easy DIY too!)

A really easy DIY potting bench from Anna White Homemaker, a blogger from Alaska is painted a clear bright red.  It certainly doesn’t look like a $40. project does it?

Black Garden Fence and Trellis

What might be just another garden fence becomes a dramatic feature when painted black.

Doors and windows

Fearless, bold and bright color on a garden shed.

Two shades of violet

Two tuteurs in a garden that is chock-a-block full of perennials give it structure, visual flow and height.   Their violet hues adds to the mix and contrast of color already in the garden.

Bright yellow trellis

When painted a bright, clear yellow.  Even the most humble trellis can become an equal companion to the plants it supports.

Lime green chairs with painted detail at Chanticleer

A citrus green twist on the classic Adirondack chair at Chanticleer.

Raised garden beds

Blue raised beds in a large kitchen garden project I completed two years ago.

As soon as the weather is warmer, grab a can of paint and color it up!

Photo credits:  Potting Bench, Black Fence, all others via the author.


6 thoughts on “Garden Design Details: Painted Wood

  1. I wish paint lasted longer in our powerful sun…this reminds me it’s time to paint my purple wall this spring. The black background fence is incredible (absence of color in black draws out all the subtle colors around the pool?); those mint-green shutters = mmm!

  2. Great assortment of color pics in the garden. From whimsical to sophisticated. I must say I have the hardest time selecting paint colors!! It’s just impossible to know what the color really is until I see in context. One change of hue or saturation seems to make it or break it in a certain setting. Any tips? Please?
    Thanks, Gregory

  3. Try taking a scrap piece of lumber and using it to paint test swatches to try out. Many paint mfgs. Have small sample sizes for just this purpose.

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