Garden Design Details: Wire Frame Chairs

I have a renewed interest in wire frame chairs on the patio, so I’ve created a round-up of some favorites. They can be funky, classic or wacky and whimsical.  They can sit by themselves as a conversation piece or they can be a part of a larger functional grouping.  Many, in my opinion, need a beautiful cushion to make the comfortable for any length of time.

Here are a few…some serious, some not.  Some you may have seen here before, some not.

Blue wire garden chair

Last year’s darling, the blue powder coated wire chair designed by Alessandra Baldereschi. Via Skitch.  It’s also available as a side chair.

Vintage wire frame garden chairs

 Vintage wire frame chairs from the 1950s via Drake.

Terrain Lily Pad Chair

The Lily Pad chair from Terrain.

John Risley vintage garden chair

A vintage 1960s chair inspired by John Risley.  via Glo.

The Farmhouse chair from Bend Seating.

Re-trouve chair designed by Patricia Urquiola

Emu’s Re-trouve chair designed by Patricia Urquiola.

3 thoughts on “Garden Design Details: Wire Frame Chairs

  1. It always makes me laugh when I see the Bend wire chairs posted on a blog. I met the designer (friend of a friend) and accompanied them on the photo shoot for the “Bunny” chair (beaches and hills of Malibu) on Thanksgiving day two years ago.

    I was really curious as to what would inspire someone to design a chair. What was the passion and drive behind undertaking such a project. I don’t think I really got an answer. I was really surprised by how comfortable it was.

  2. I love thi9s website!~ I have been hunting for a funky wire chair for my porch. Now I have so many to choose from!

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