Garden Glamour Puss

Yesterday images of two famous gardeners in their gardens came across my desk.  Both were remarkable in their unreality as well as their singular understanding of the importance of image.

The first image, from the blog How to be a Retronaut shows the Duke of Windsor in his sartorial gardening best in his gardens outside of Paris circa 1956.  These made me want to go out and buy some tweeds and wellies.  Perhaps these?

Waterproof boots from Dubarry (not in the budget)

Or one of these from Ralph Lauren’s 2010 Fall collection? (via…I’ll have to interpret that from the local vintage shop with a big belt already in my closet.

Ralph Lauren Tweed Jacket

The fashionista in me has to believe that there is a way to marry a genuine love of  fashion with the practical.  How to say ‘I’m a designer’ and also say ‘I’m a gardener’ within the boundaries of fashion?  I can’t believe the two are mutually exclusive.

The second image was of Michelle Obama in her White House veggie garden via the Huffington Post.  This is probably closer to reality and I can throw the tweed over it.

First Lady in the Garden

I wonder if those awfully clean jeans and brand spanking new Chuck Taylors ever got dirty…

4 thoughts on “Garden Glamour Puss

  1. I wish someone would dress me up for work! I want those Gore tex boots Susan!!!

    I want the boots too. My friend Helen actually does have them and they’ve aged really, really well.

  2. Michelle Obama could wear a paper dress and a tiara inthe White House garden, and I would still respect the work she is doing on food issues.

    Come to think of it, I heard today us national tiara day, whatever that is.

    You’ll get no disagreement from me on food issues or organic gardening. I was commenting on fashion only…I think I’ll go put on my tiara and celebrate!

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