Garden Ideas from Ikea

Yesterday I took a friend heading to warmer climes to the airport.  After I dropped her off I decided have a cheap lunch at the nearly adjacent Ikea.  I wasn’t looking for garden inspiration, but that’s what I found.

Only one of these items was meant for use in a garden or on a patio, but that’s where I would use all of  them.

Right at the top of the escalator I spotted these powder coated stackable chairs.  They were in an interior display, but could easily go outside.

stackable chairs 768x1024 Garden Ideas from Ikea

Red Stackable Chair

They also come in a few other colors–I really like the blue.   Under $50, they have high style at a great price.

powder coated chairs 768x1024 Garden Ideas from Ikea

Great variety of color!

Down to the marketplace and in the general direction out, I spied some other things that caught my interest.

Fantastic candles!  Their abstract garden patterns would be fun on a patio table next summer.

candles 768x1024 Garden Ideas from Ikea


As always…the kitchen area of the marketplace is a treasure trove of ideas for planters.  The two below are cutlery containers…I’m thinking vertical wall of containers here…

hang cutlery containers 768x1024 Garden Ideas from Ikea

For a contemporary wall garden

hanging cutlery container 2 1024x768 Garden Ideas from Ikea

For a tradtional wall space

I really loved these bags woven from strapping tape.  They could be a container for a plant, or hold kindling for a firepit or tools or bags of soil bags on a potting table.

strapping tape bags 768x1024 Garden Ideas from Ikea

Strapping tape bags!

And last…remember that actual item meant to be out in the garden?  I’d use these door mats joined together to make a really cool outdoor rug…

blog photos 1024x768 Garden Ideas from Ikea

Four of these would be $60...hmmmm.

I actually do use things from Ikea in my garden…not as intended.  My Rex Begonia lives on in the stainless steel colander that it was planted in here.

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6 Responses to Garden Ideas from Ikea

  1. Wow, you have uncovered some great things that I can certainly afford! Getting my engine warmed up, heading over there to see what goodies I can find!

  2. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    Thanks Robin! I’m looking to spice things up and keep my bank account in the black! Nothing here is over $50. Some are under $10!

  3. I love it when other people do the scouting work … Sydney Eddison used to paint the chairs on her patio (changing the color every year or two). With these I wouldn’t have to paint anything. (I’d just have to decide which color!)

  4. Susan aka Miss. R says:


    There were some in the discounted/oddlots room that were even cheaper if you want to mix and match…

  5. I’m going off to the New haven store in the next week or two and will see what they have there. (I DON’T really NEED any chairs, but those blue ones are lovely!)

  6. Garden Hoard says:

    I LOVE ikea! They have amazing pots for really cheap. We also have those door mats. We bought two, and they have held up for us for 3 years now. Absolutely love ‘em!

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