contemporary parterres

Garden Inspiration: Luciano Giubblei’s Parterre Ideas

I’ve been a member of Pinterest almost since its inception.  I use it as place to store ideas both useful and random.  I also explore other designer’s boards to see what inspires them and maybe understand a little bit about their creative process.  Garden designer, Luciano Giubblei‘s, ideas for parterres blew me away.

contemporary parterres

The possibilities for these parterres skew the traditional idea and point towards a contemporary evolution of the form.Herringbone patterns, color field painting, Bauhaus textiles, rolling hills of vineyards and traditional parterres all exist as ideas and jumping off points.  What’s more, to my eye they make perfect sense and I can visualize every last bit of it.


2 thoughts on “Garden Inspiration: Luciano Giubblei’s Parterre Ideas

  1. This guy is one of my favorite designers. I would highly recommend the book by Andrew Wilson titled “The Gardens og Luciano Giubbilei”

  2. I agree, Doug. Giubblei creates a fantastic balance between control and abandon-contemporary and traditional.

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