Garden Safari!

I was looking for something really fun for a client’s garden wall.  They want something surprising, contemporary and humorous.  These safari ‘trophies’ from Bend certainly fit the bill.

Water Buffalo

Bend also makes some beautifully designed garden tables and chairs.

Drum Table/Stool
The Lucy Chair

All photos from Bend Seating.

2 thoughts on “Garden Safari!

  1. Ha! My friend introduced me to the creator of these chairs from Bend. I loaned them my tripod and was with them on the beach photoshoot (the tall blond sitting on the chair and footrest is my friend) and the shot of the chair in the Malibu hills with the ocean in the background.

    They are surprisingly comfortable. I was really curious about what makes someone decide to design a line of metal wire chairs but didn’t really get a definitive answer.

  2. Kaveh–What a great story. It must have been a fun day! I love back stories like this.

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