Garden Seating + Storage

Do you take your garden multi-tasking seriously?  Do you only have so much space?  This clever garden seating/storage solution from the Canadian design Urban Product is just a win-win as far as I’m concerned.  Clean lined and elegant, it’s made from cedar, rubber and steel.

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  1. Thanks, Susan, for introducing me to a great resource in my own city!

    Canada’s representing today for sure. It’s a way cool design!–s

  2. Love it Susan!

    Some times the simplest ideas can just blow you away.–s

  3. Wow! Very nice. I want one.

    I want one too, my garage is overflowing and I really dislike those rubber storage things…-s

  4. Beautiful! These things are usually so awful. Maybe way pricey though?

    Could be way pricey. I suspect it’s a prototype. In any event someone will make something like it affordably…maybe even using recycled materials…–s

  5. Jane

    very, very clever!! Thanks for sharing.

    Can’t you just think of the perfect spot for it?? I know I can.–s

  6. nancea

    a friend of mine just passed along a link to this site… i am the proud owner of that cedar/rubber/metal box… and i absolutely love it! it holds all my garden tools, including my push mower, as well as my snow shovels… it also doubles as extra seating…. urbanproduct rocks!

    Fantastic. Happy to hear it’s more than just a prototype!!!–s

  7. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this info! I also want one too for my garden.. Thank you so much!

    Wonder if you could have one shipped from Canada…1/2 way around the world down under…–s

  8. A great idea. We are always looking for something like this for clients. We have had to make them ourselves which is sometimes not cost effective and this make for such a niece piece of garden furniture too.

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