Boxwood and terracotta at Detroit Garden Works

Garden Shop: Detroit Garden Works

One of the great garden shops in the United States is in Detroit. Yes. that much maligned and blight filled city has an big upside. Part of that upside is Detroit Garden Works. I’ve wanted to visit for years, and had the chance when I was in Detroit with APLD last week.

Boxwood and terracotta at Detroit Garden Works

Carefully chosen new, vintage and antique products from all over the world are merchandised in a way that makes each one seem precious and necessary.

Inside display at Detroit Garden Works

Classic in its outlook, Detroit Garden Works is the brainchild of landscape designer Deborah Silver who originally started the shop eighteen years ago because she couldn’t source what she wanted locally. Map in hand, the store’s manager and buyer Rob Yedinak, drives through Europe annually to handpick new and vintage offerings.

Entry Gates and containers at Detroit Garden Works

 There is a wide array of accessories and furniture to really suit any garden style even though the shop has a traditional feel. Terra cotta, steel, stone and concrete predominate and the shop is also local showcase for Branch Studios work.  There is a small area for plants, and there are espalier, planted containers, window boxes and boxwood throughout.

Furniture and Pots at Detroit Garden WorksTopiary Forms at Detroit Garden Works

With the onslaught of big box stores and garden centers with little imagination beyond piling on the plants and pots, shops like this one stand out.  Some will gripe about high prices, but you get what you pay for and if you value great design and beautifully made objects this shop is a must.

Steel fiddlehead garden spikes

I bought something which is rare for me.  Handmade steel fiddleheads were totally affordable and a grouping of several in three different sizes of them are going in my new shade garden this fall.  They came beautifully packaged the day after I came home.  The high level of customer service and attention to detail isn’t lost on me either.

Heart shaped EspalierThis image pretty much sums up how much I liked the shop and it’s not the only reason to visit Detroit as you will see in future posts!

4 thoughts on “Garden Shop: Detroit Garden Works

  1. I enjoy your gardens and ideas. So glad you had a chance to visit DGW. It is my go to shop…for beautiful and I like to think practical treasures the I use both inside and out. Buck’s work is not only handsome but it will last forever. Wish I had met you while you were here.

  2. Wish I had put two and two together and realized you were in Detroit, Jane! Thank you for coming here and spending your time reading Miss R. I really do appreciate it…glad you like my gardens too! I also wish we had a store of this caliber here…NY/NJ Metro has nothing like it.

  3. Dear Susan, thanks so much for your post about Detroit Garden Works. We are interested in lending a hand to any and every gardener. The ability to listen and answer is a gift that Rob has. His gift for introducing new ideas-all his own. What he buys for the shop-new and old, this style or that, contemporary or historically accurate, for new gardeners or old hands- I truly respect his vision, and the breadth of his effort. Thanks again, Deborah

  4. I loved the store Deborah. I don’t say that lightly either. It’s original and classic and that’s hard to accomplish. Bravo I say!

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