Garden Style: A Patio Bistro

The term bistro table has been co-oped in landscape design to mean any small table with two chairs. So I thought I’d go back to the source and play with the idea of using a classic French bistro as inspiration for an outdoor space. I’m not saying that I’ll actually do this, although I love some of the details.

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photo via Flickr

Let’s break it down. There are some key elements…

A blackboard. Menus are usually posted on some variation of these.

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Image via Cafes et Bistrots de France

There is exterior chalkboard paint. Frame out an area of a wall and use it for a garden to do list or party menu. Chalk boards don’t have to be just for kids outside.

41Wzf9HspiL Garden Style:  A Patio Bistro

Then add some cool rattan chairs. I love these chairs. Ever since I lived in France in my twenties they have been personal favorites. There are so many patterns, colors and styles available it’s hard to choose.

Parisian Bistro Chair Garden Style:  A Patio Bistro
Or maybe a bench. This could be a super interesting garden bench on its own. There are also highchairs for toddlers, bar stoools and side tables in this traditional rattan style.


tkcollection bistro bench Garden Style:  A Patio Bistro

Absolutely add some pots of geraniums and lace curtains. The curtains could be hung from a pergola or as a shade element of some kind instead of being in the window. I have a garage window that could use some of these actually.

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And then there’s the Bistro table. Typically these have cast iron bottoms with smallish easy to clean round tops.

bistro table Garden Style:  A Patio Bistro
I might personalize it with color…these are from TK Collections. Combine the blue base with the blue rattan chairs above for a strong color statement.tkcollections bistro table bases Garden Style:  A Patio BistroNow where’s that espresso and a pain au chocolate?

espresso cup Garden Style:  A Patio Bistro




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2 Responses to Garden Style: A Patio Bistro

  1. Thanks for this topic and especially the breakdown on elements contained in it. Some of that is easily applied directly, others adapted. I think I will move in this direction on my small patio area…almost time to bite the bullet.

  2. David — I thought it was fun. I don’t usually do things like this, but I was missing France this weekend and it seemed like an easy enough thing to do! –S

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