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Garden Travel: Chicago and Detroit

I’m leaving tomorrow for 11 days of travel visiting friends and attending design conferences in two midwest cities – Chicago and Detroit. I’m excited to visit both places but for different reasons. I’m visiting friends and attending a short conference about building landscapes at the Chicago Botanical Garden.  What do I want to see?  Great contemporary architecture and gardens by Roy Diblick and Piet Ouldolf.  I also want to eat some great food – Chicago has awesome food.

Chicago vintage poster

When that’s over, I’m driving to Detroit to visit more friends and attend the annual APLD Int’l Landscape Design conference.  What do I want to see?  Everything good and bad.  I’m fascinated by Detroit’s possibilities.  I’m super excited to get my retail on at  Detroit Garden Works and spend some time with Debra Silver before the conference starts.

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I’ll be trying to blog from the road, but I will be more reliably posting to my Facebook page and Instagram accounts if you want to follow along.

One thought on “Garden Travel: Chicago and Detroit

  1. Enjoy your travels and learning / inspiration time for me. Am busy with that here in-between unpacking, work, etc!

    Funny how blogs are faster than websites to keep fresh, but microblogs (twitter / fb) are faster than blogs. I guess I need to be faster doing any of the above, then get work done!

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