Guadeloupe, Gardens, and Prie Dieu

Have you ever visited a garden that as a whole didn’t speak to you but parts of it made you smile?  That happened to me last week.  A garden I visited incorporated an extensive and lively collection of Mexican folk art.  Colorful trinkets were everywhere and way over the top.  Throughout the garden there were multiple icons and images of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, the patron saint of Mexico.  Three of these just made me smile…one, the last one you’ll see here, made me laugh out loud.

Guadeloupe painting on Door

First, she appeared on the kitchen door

Patron Saint of Mexico Guadeloupe

Next she appeared as a mosaic inset on the back of a garden wall

Gardener's shrine to Guadeloupe

Finally, complete with a gardener’s Prie Dieu, in a brick shrine in the side yard


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