Happy New Year Now!

Many years of  conditioning has made me view today–the day after Labor Day–as the official start of my new year.  For 13+ years, clad in new clothes with a shiny new book bag and unscuffed shoes off I went with a clean social and academic slate to begin again.  Those years have become habit throughout my adult life so today is my New Year’s Day!

Red Lanterns for Chinese New Year
Red Lanterns for Chinese New Year

To me, January 1st seems arbitrary and NewYear’s eve an artificial excuse for inebriated excess.  They’re  too close to other holidays, with a long winter to follow.  What’s to celebrate?  Many different cultures have different calendars that all have their own New Year’s Day (it seems no one really agrees) and their own ways of celebrating the passage of another large unit of time, so I figure it’s okay to start my year in September.

In early September, my motivation to clean things up, make amends for whatever and get more organized is strong and deep.  It’s somewhat paradoxical that my psychological new year begins as my seasonal business starts to feel the looming cold weather that will it slow down.

So…Happy New Year everyone–I’m going out to buy a new pair of shoes.

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year Now!

  1. Happy New Year Susan! Funny, I was JUST thinking the same thing, that Labor Day is a much stronger transition marker than I’d realized. End of summer, back to work, change is in the air, winter is coming…thanks for putting this so nicely, I’ll be thinking about it as I dive into MY new job this week! And I’ll see YOU in two weeks!

    Good luck with the new job and yes…you will see me in two weeks at the Garden Writers Association conference!

  2. Interesting thoughts, Susan! Did thinking about going back to school the reason my latest post became a term paper? Does buying a new cartridge for the printer equate to the traditional box of colored pencils?

    My own school years were timed like yours, with a post-Labor Day start to the year, but when my four kids were growing up the school districts frequently experimented with the schedules…sometimes they started after Labor Day and sometimes as early as the 14th or 15th of August.

    Annie at the Transplantable

    Annie thanks for visiting–and on a school day too! I love your printer analogy, my how the color box has changed from 64!

  3. Fall used to mean that that the garden was dying, the weather was getting colder, and school, then work was looming ahead of me … but this year, I’m looking forward to it. I’m feeling the way I usually feel about spring. I’m motivated to organize, make plans, and start new things! It’s exciting. (All I want to do is weave!)

    I don’t weave, but have a good friend who does. I have been finding myself looking in the window at the local yarn shop wondering if I want to do something with it or I’m just associating it with sweater season…

  4. Great post! I definitely agree that September always feels like a new beginning – the end of summer and the start of fall and school and regular schedules. And I also agree that New Year’s isn’t as momentous to celebrate knowing the rest of the long winter is still ahead!

    Now that fall is in the air here, I really feel motivated to hunker down and get things done! The winter is long, but has its merits!

  5. I agree, Ive always tended to celebrate the passing of summer (which i love) into the new fall planting time; which leads to our harvests and snowtime. ( which i also bask in) This fall i have been laid off early due to economy and am feeling free and energetic- just painted a bedroom a beautiful shade of warm mango/clay with crisp white trim, and am tidying up some garden projects, and consolidating old design work in office. Happy New Year!

    Hmmm. I’ve been thinking of painting too. Want to be ‘in’ a different color scheme when the winter hits! Thanks for taking the time to read Miss R.

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