Holiday Hayracks

I usually do something far more simple for holiday decoration for the hayracks that hang on the front of my studio.  This year, however, the cocoa fiber liners were really nasty and needed to be removed.  So I was faced with truly empty containers to fill.  I live on a busy corner so this is also an opportunity for a subtle shout out for my landscape design business,  I had a designer moment.

Here’s what did and how I did it.

Holiday Hayrack

I have three of these across the front of the studio, but before I could get a photo of all three it started raining.  The total cost was about $35 per hayrack, but could be much less if you harvest your own evergreen branches and make your own bows.  Just remember that texture and scale is important.

Materials (all purchased from a local garden center where I have an account)

You will need a pair of garden clippers (I used my trusty Felco #2s) and a wire cutter if the bunches of branches are wired together.

For each hayrack:

1 bunch southern magnolia branches (5-7 branches per bunch)

1 bunch juniper branches (with berries) (4-5 branches per bunch)

4 plastic silver ornaments

1  bag sheet moss

1 black contractor bag

2 premade ribbons for wreathes already wired (cause I’m lazy that way)

1 long strand of plastic pearl garlands (these were left over from previous years)

1  funky stretchy silver garland coil

I took the contractor bag, rolled it up and shoved it into the back of each hay rack to take up some space.  Then, working  each side towards the middle, I placed the magnolia branches in the back and the juniper in the front.  Since sheet moss was used to cover up the bottom of the rack, I concentrated on the look of the top.  I randomly placed the silver balls to hide branches that wouldn’t be covered by the sheet moss.  I then carefully wedged the sheet moss in the bottom of the hayrack by pulling back the branches and ensuring that no plastic bag showed and that all the branches were hidden.  Add the bows, pearl swags and the curlicue garland and done!   It took about 30-40 minutes start to finish and hung.

The Holiday season has begun!

7 thoughts on “Holiday Hayracks

  1. I don’t think I’d have thought about the pearls, but they add a strong bit of detail. The other good thing about doing this, for the neighbors, is that it shows that you care enough about them to go to the effort.

    A little bling is always a good thing…especially at the holidays! Glad you like them.–s

  2. Susan, that is a really beautiful idea! I love the detail, and it’s classy and elegant. I made one a couple of years ago with citrus fruits, pineapple, apples, unshelled nuts and evergreen branches–really pretty! So, you’ve inspired me to dump the pumpkins & gourds in my center hayrack planter now and re-create! Thanks!

    Thanks, Jenny. Now you’ve given me an idea for next year! Fruits and pinecones w/nuts and evergreens. It will be different and fun!–s

  3. Love it.
    I’m inspired to get off my fat arse and do something festive now .

    Happy Festivas to you !

    And to you! Inspiration takes funny roads sometimes!–s

  4. Susan, your hayracks are lovely….slightly flirty, but sophiscated! Thank you for so generously sharing. I am working on some window boxes for a client + my own. Feeling inspired now.

    Happy to share! Consider it a flirty (love that) holiday gift, LOL. Have to grab it when inspiration hits…have fun with your windowboxes.–s

  5. cool! i have to think how i can fill them with southern California foliage and shiny accents–eucalyptus, abalone shells and white shiny ribbon? hmmm. fun just to think about! thanks!

    Oh, that would be lovely! The blue/grey foliage and pearly shells…scrumptious!–s

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