Honest Scrap or Junkyard?

My friend Helen Yoest either has a wicked sense of humor or a need to know more…but  an Honest Scrap award–I’ve got enough baggage and randomness to fill a junkyard.  I’ll play because I’m a good sport and I was asked to…not that I think anything revealed below is going to give anyone else any real insight into who I am or why I do what I do.  Time spent over tidbits will tell that particular tale.

This image was stolen from Helen's blog
This image was stolen from Helen's blog link above...how honest is that!

The award has two components. You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second is to present the award to seven other bloggers.  I tried to pick people who always make me want to know more when they comment or Tweet–even though I suspect some won’t play–their links are below.  So, if you care about such things related to me–and Helen was curious enough to ask, here are 10 possibly (possibly not) interesting and titillating tidbits…

10 Bits of Honest Scrap about You Know Who…

  1. I am a visual inspiration junkie.  I am constantly observing everything around me as possible visual fodder for something else.
  2. I am a mass of design contradictions.  For example, I love clean lined modern design but my own environment leans towards eclectic, layered and definitely garage sale chic.
  3. I often wonder who is really reading my blog…and why aren’t there more of you dammit.
  4. I am the only one who likes my dog.   Harry is a true Parsons Russell terrier with all of the enthusiasm and idiosyncrasies included…but then I’ve always been attracted to bad boys…
  5. Most wouldn’t even suspect at how sentimental I really am.
  6. My favorite time of day is early, early morning before the noise of humans clutters up my life and the airwaves.
  7. The big paradox of my life it that I am ambitious yet not competitive.
  8. I have a long, long, long fuse….then KAPOW!
  9. Travel to anywhere I haven’t been feeds my soul.
  10. I want to live in the South of France…in the Languedoc-Roussillon specifically.

I don’t really know how these random facts paint a richer picture of who I am or am not, they are just facts without the history to go with them.  The nuances and personal experiences of a life well lived is what makes these bits and pieces important…so if it’s more tidbits you want, convince the next 7 (chosen via my own curiosity) to share theirs…

Laura from Punk Rock Gardens

Carolyn from A Yard and a Half

Phillip from How it Grows

James from Federal Twist

Patty from Join Me on the Path

Kari from Karibaskets

Jayme from Nest in Style

This doesn’t mean I’m not curious about everyone else…it just means that in following the rules I must only list 7…

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6 thoughts on “Honest Scrap or Junkyard?

  1. Loved reading your Honest Scrap tidbits, Susan. I am with you on the ideal design esthetic not exactly matching my own milieu!
    It is always hard to how much to bare your soul on your blog, but blog readers increasingly demand it, esp with these group exercises. I know that posts with personal content often ring true with others and get lots of comments and people talking. That’s a good thing. So good you’re being brave and playing along.

    I’m an original nosey parker, so liked hearing a little more about the personal you.

    Sarah–It’s interesting because in many ways I feel I share way more on my blog and in other on-line venus than I do in real life–if people want to connect the dots they’ll get a pretty clear picture of my life, likes, dislikes, etc., but…that takes time and attention–something that is largely missing virtually.

  2. I want to know about all of those people, too! Good list.

    I agree with the context bit. Hard to know anything about anyone without the context, which you only gain after a long time interacting with someone.

    Thanks Katie. It was a hard list to make. There are many people who I want to know more about — some I’ve met, some I haven’t. When the list is limited to 7 it’s really kind of random…

  3. This is becoming an interesting experiment. What to share, how much to say, how much to censor … silly or content? (content) … coming soon! Thanks Susan for the invite.

    Let me know when it’s up. I have an inquiring mind…

  4. Susan,
    I just stumbled across this post while reading your blog. Yes, I read your blog, so that’s one for-sure reader. Anyhow, I feel so privileged to be one of the chosen 7. I will play along and let you know once I’ve posted.

    I knew you were a softie on the inside. Hehe

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