Horticulture: Design Perspectives

Just in case you didn’t hear me crowing last week, my first contribution to Horticulture as half of an east/west landscape designer team is on the newsstands!  West coast designer, Rebecca Sweet and I will be writing Design Perspectives for each issue this year.   Like Garden Design, Horticulture is in the process of reinventing itself for the 21st century.  These are challenging times for magazines…and I’m a die hard magazine reader.  I don’t subscribe to any, rather I like to go to the newsstand and choose my reading material from the banquet of choices and topics.

Pages 61-63!

Our first topic was ‘Terroir’ or a sense of place..all of our topics are chosen by us…some are serious and some are fun.  They will be varied and are intended to give our readers a peek into the mind (albeit mad) and process of a landscape designer–hence the perspectives part.  So pick up a copy and let us know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Horticulture: Design Perspectives

  1. I saw it! I read it! And I was thinking the whole time, I know her! She’s famous! More importantly, I know know what the word terrior means. And I may have to use your description of your neighborhood yard sameness, “no sense of place or ownership…don’t invite neighborly conversation…nothing but green placeholders…something to hide behind.” when I talk about eliminating large expanses of front lawns in favor of plantings.

    That is high praise indeed, Jim. Thank you! Many of the gardens in Buffalo are positive examples of what I was trying to say.–s

  2. Engaging read of a terrior mantra so oft forgotten – particularly as the requisite 3 trees, 4 shrubs and lawn land a top developed land. Agreed, the benign landscapes that all run together and allow for *hiding behind* further perpetrates a disengagement with one’s personal *nature* – both land and being. Soul, baby. Whats more is a concern of a community’s genius – intelligence – of place. If we so easily forsake land at our immediate terrior – and all of its genius – what else are we so willingly and easily to forsake?

    Brilliant comment. Thank you.–s

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