Horticulture’s Newest Contributing Editor…

I have a new gig–Contributing Editor for Horticulture magazine.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop designing gardens and landscapes, it just means that along with fellow APLD landscape designer Rebecca Sweet, I’ll be writing about design for this great American publication.  Did you know it’s been in publication for well over 100 years and has recently embraced the 21st century with a vengeance via great blogs like Kiss My Aster from garden designer diva, Amanda Thompson, and with topics like the  iPhone app review of Gardenista by Dee Nash, a gardener and writer whose Red Dirt Ramblings is one of my favs.

Horticulture Magazine (cover chosen at random)

Beginning with the February/March 2011 issue, I will be writing a new monthly column titled ‘Design Perspectives’ as the east coast based designer..Rebecca is the west coast designer.  We will be writing about garden design, plants and other topics from a landscape and garden design point of view.  I hope you’ll take the time to read it there and let us know what you think.

36 thoughts on “Horticulture’s Newest Contributing Editor…

  1. Congrats! I look forward to reading your contributions on design.

    Thanks Carol! It will have to do for that design talk we never had in Buffa10!–s

  2. I am so happy to read this — congratulations! Well-deserved.

    I’m happy too Margaret. Horticulture has been a mainstay in my garden pulp reading since the beginning. I’m happy to contribute–especially about design!–s

  3. Wonderful! Just don’t forgot that stuff between the 2 coasts. I hear there are whole states out there in the fly-over country!

    Hopefully we’ll get across the idea that great garden design spans both coasts and everything inbetween!–s

  4. Great news. Horticulture was one of the first garden magazines I picked up and read cover to cover back in the 70’s. It has been a staple on my shelf since then.

    Me too Layanee! It has always been accessible, great info on plants and when I was first learning I devoured each and every issue.–s

  5. Wonderful news! I have a feeling this feature will be a big hit with readers~gail

    Oh Gail, I hope so. This is a departure for them and a real vote of confidence for American garden design. Let’s hear it for the home team! Thanks, too!–s

  6. You are amazing!!! Hearty congratulations. One more reason to look forward to my fav subscription.

    Thanks Jane, it’s been a year in the making and I’m really proud to be a part of it!–s

  7. This is good news for both you and Horticulture. In the brave new world of the internet, magazines need to adapt to survive. I’m looking forward to your and Rebecca Sweet’s contributions.

    Boy is your comment spot on! Pretty cool that the venerable old lady that Horticulture could be is changing with the times!–s

  8. That’s great Susan! I look forward to reading it. I’ve been a long-time reader of Hort.

    I’m looking forward to writing it. I think we’ve got some interesting topics and it’s way cool that Hort is taking on design in such a big way.–s

  9. Great news! Sounds like Horticulture is taking exciting steps forward to meet the needs of a broad-based readership. Looking forward to your contributions on design!

    Wouldn’t it be great if more people who were interested in garden design started to read it and support what the mag is trying to do?–s

  10. I let my subscription lapse after 25 odd years… It looks like I will have to restart it. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say. Good for them, good for you.

    Thanks Kari. I hope it will be.–s

  11. Congratulations, Susan! What a wonderful opportunity–Horticulture is the best of the best reading for plant-folk. My good friend Roger Swain has been involved with the magazine for decades now–he’s brilliant and a total character. Can’t wait to read your contributions!

    It’s nice to see the magazine embrace the importance of design in gardens. Without all we have is plants and soil!–s

  12. Wow, how wonderful Susan! They picked well, can’t wait to see your articles. And Rebeccas!

    Oh Sarah–I hope the picked well and that we’re up to the task. It’s a tough readership because they are sooooo knowledgeable. –s

  13. You grow girl! This will be so much fun. Can’t wait to read your articles.

    Thanks Mary Ann! It’s the dawn of a new era at Horticulture – we’re going to get our grow on for sure!–s

  14. Congratulations Susan! Your knowledgeable and unique voice will be a wonderful addition to the magazine. Looking forward to reading your first column. (and sorry I won’t be able to congratulate you in person at GWA.)

    Thanks Susan. I’m sorry to miss GWA but APLD calls…design, design, design is my middle name. Excited to see the what the Big D has to offer in any event!–s

  15. Absolutely awesome, Susan. As I always say, “You don’t mess with The Cohan!”

    That’s right, don’t mess! LOL! –s

  16. Susan: Very well-deserved news. Best of luck to both you and Rebecca. Can’t wait to read the articles. Teresa

    Teresa- You will appreciate that this all came from Twitter. @cohorts was one of the first I followed who followed me back! Funny how things work out isn’t it?–s

  17. Congrats…that’s such an honor (deserved, to be sure). I love Horticulture and have been reading it for years. It’s good they are continuing to evolve (their recent re-design was a nice freshening-up). Can’t wait to see your future contributions!

  18. This can only elevate the contents of Horticulture.
    I might actually pick up an issue now.
    Congrats to both of you.
    Looking forward to some innovative perspectives from both coasts.

    Hopefully we’ll make your trip to the newstand worth it!–s

  19. Congrats to you both! I think you’ll be a great addition to the magazine.

    And like Susan Harris suggested, please don’t forget about the other states, growing regions, and different design perspectives between the two coasts. We like to hear about what’s going on in our regions too and so often get left out of Coast-focused gardening magazines.

    I think that our ‘discussions’ will apply to lots of regions. I know I’m really sensitive to regionalism in design and hope that the ideas transfer…time will tell.–s

  20. Dear Susan, you so deserve a place on the Horticulture staff-congratulations! Your work, and your writing never fails to interest me. Horticulture Magazine will be all the better for your contribution. Though I agree with Susan Harris and Pam/Digging that there is plenty going on in design in the midsection of this country, what you have to offer that is important is your particular point of view. I look forward to seeing more on that. Deborah

    I agree with you, Pam and Susan. I also think great design is universal and that with a bit of imagination and creativity there are appropriate interpretations for almost every region. Thanks so much for your praise. It made my day!–s

  21. Congrats ! Been a subscriber for 25 years (ever loyal since my first publication credit). May you continue the long line of excellent editors, keeping the content relevant and authoritative.

    I hope I see more of your incredible photos in Hort! It’s exciting to be a part of something so old and new at the same time!–s

  22. Susan, I think Patty made a very wise choice to hire you and Rebecca. Congratulations my friend, and thank you so much for the link love. You’re the best. See you in Dallas.~~Dee

    You are so welcome for the link love! I’m not going to be in Dallas at GWA so I toast you and send you a virtual hug! Thanks for the well wishes.–s

  23. My best to you for a long and interesting association as writer for one of my favorite garden mags. Will be looking forward to your always thoughtful and informative musings.

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