I Want Sexy Outdoor Pillows…

I spent a frustrating few hours on Tuesday scouring local sources who specialize in outdoor accessories for some throw pillows.  I needed them to spruce up  a client’s furniture for a photo shoot.

What I found was abysmal.  There wasn’t time for custom…which is what I would have done as part of a project.  What was available was either too cutesy (think teenage girl) or striped or boring earth toned tropical foliage prints.  No sexy patterns or luscious colors.  There are options…I want sexy pillows made out of some of these outdoor fabrics from Schumacher’s Trina Turk collection…not boring stripes!  My clients want beautiful outdoor rooms and accessories…not what’s been available for the past 20 years!  They’re hip and young and want outdoor style that reflects who they are and that’s as far ranging and beautiful as their gardens.

All images via Schumacher Fabrics

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