Ice in the Garden

We had our first significant snow of the season yesterday.  It turned into rain last night and covered everything with a thin coat of ice.  I’m torn between the beauty of it and the knowledge that some of my boxwoods may not survive or will, at the very least, need a severe pruning in early spring.

For now I’ll focus on the morning’s transient beauty in my New Jersey home garden before it melts.

Hydrangea paniculata Tokyo Delight ice 768x1024 Ice in the GardenHydrangea paniculata ‘Tokyo Delight’

Malus 768x1024 Ice in the Garden

Malus ‘Coralburst’

Fothergilla gardenii 768x1024 Ice in the Garden

Fothergilla gardenii

Spirea thunbergii 768x1024 Ice in the Garden

Spirea thunbergii

Spirea thunbergii MtFuji 768x1024 Ice in the GardenSpirea thunbergii ‘Mt. Fuji’

Cornus alba Elegantisima 768x1024 Ice in the GardenCornus alba ‘Elegantisima’

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3 Responses to Ice in the Garden

  1. It has its own beauty, doesn’t it? Stay safe, Susan. I’m grateful we didn’t get any ice up here. Snow still drifting lazily down.

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  3. Stan Romano says:

    The winter has just gotten harsher and harsher here in Chicago. Running a snow plow business, even some of my vehicle operators couldn’t make it into work these past few weeks. Be safe, folks!

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