Ikea Hack or what to do with leftovers…

My goal at the end of each container planting season is to end up with no leftovers.  This year I was left with one plant.  A beautiful Rex begonia.  It has been sitting in my container garden (I did buy some for myself earlier) on my back porch in its sad little green plastic pot for a bit.  This souped up version of many a grandma’s favorite deserved a 21st century home. So on a very hot afternoon, in my kitchen (appropriate for leftovers) with a little Ikea hacking,  here’s what I did with my leftover.

Here’s what was used:


stainless steel ORDNING colander ($9.99)

Moss liner to plug side holes, bottom ones left open

sheet moss (mine was leftover) to line and prevent soil from seeping out when watered

Espoma organic potting mix (a great NJ company with a whole line of fab organic amendments)

Finished planter

Rex begonia

Spanish moss (also left over)

4 thoughts on “Ikea Hack or what to do with leftovers…

  1. like that idea !
    I have the same colander and rarely use it because it is so big ( great for big dinner prep but for a single person, just too big )
    I may have to convert it !

    Go ahead, hack the hack! Would look great with some of your architectural plants in it!

  2. Novel idea. And thanks for the Ikea Hacking link.

    There’s some outstanding ideas for Ikea Hacks! Everytime I go there now I’m on the scout out for how I can do something with something it wasn’t meant for…

  3. I love it! And the idea of Ikea Hacking is great. Some people look at the world and naturally see it from fresh perspectives. I find I need to set myself the task of thinking outside that box and your colander has inspired me to do just that!

    Wow, Whitney, that’s high praise indeed!

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