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It’s the end of August.  I have a reading tradition that goes all the way back to ancient personal history in fact.  When I was 10 my father brought me home a copy of Harpers Bazaar from his job.  Before that, my only magazine reading experience was National Geographic.   Since that time I have been a voracious reader of fashion magazines.  All design in my way of thinking is intertwined–have you heard of the slow fashion movement for example?   The same ideas that are happening in slow food are spilling over into other disciplines so as a self avowed inspiration junkie, I look outside myself and my discipline.

In August, the big September issues are published–pages and pages of articles on travel, culture, books and of course fashion.  Sure it’s not realistic for most of us, but in the dog days of summer with the fall fast approaching it’s nice to do a little dreaming. So here’s what I’m reading this week…

The BIG Bazaar
The BIG Vogue

And no, I won’t be wearing 5″ stillettos anytime now or in the future.  And if you want to watch a great and thoroughly entertaining documentary, try The September Issue.

7 thoughts on “In my Reader…at the newsstand

  1. That was fun to read…..little did I know that before or after a funfilled day of play in the neighborhood….you were reading “Harper’s Bazaar!!!!

    I remember that first issue…it’s as if a world unknown to me was put in my lap and I wanted to stay there!–s

  2. You never fail to amaze me Susan, but yes, I can see the whole design thing. Perhaps, you could design us clothes and shoes which are both fashionable and comfortable? Nah.

    It is entirely possible, Dee. I’ve been wearing comfortable flats for years, although sneakers and sandals are usually what I wear when at work…–s

  3. Those are good – right now I’m slowly savoring the September Marie Claire, with InStyle yet to come – total fantasy reading for a suburban gardener I suppose…

    It’s so totally possible to be a garden fanatic and a fashionista!–s

  4. We loved The September Issue, and found out that our 15 year old granddaughter who dreams of a career in STYLE somehow, considers Elle her bible. I find that September issues, like December issues are just irresistible.

    Elle doesn’t have enough to actually read for me. I also, when I can find it have been buying the guest edited issues of French Vogue (December) for years. Hard to come by in the burbs though.–s

  5. You are So right, about all the influences that can and should go into design. I would say that fashion, and epecially pattern are key ones for us. I could say more but that will take the thunder out of the GDRT inspiration blog post in I think December.
    Good point tho.

  6. Hi Susan,

    I find fashion a wonderful inspiration for interior and exterior design. Check out my friend Annie’s fashion blog, she comments a lot about interior design and local San Francisco fashion scene stuff, you might find it a fun addition to your summer reading list!


    Oooooo. Thanks for the heads up. I’m adding it to my reader!–s

  7. Great memories triggered here, Susan. My mother was an ardent Vogue subscriber, tho rarely a Vogue advocate. We would sit glued to the newest issue, just after it dropped through the slot in the door onto the terrazzo floor (age 13, Lake Front, New Orleans), and discuss the details of every page. When living in NY,our clothes came from Bonwits and Saks…neither existed then in New Orleans. Reading Vogue recalled those heady, ‘sophisticated’ days in the East.
    By the time I was 14 – my fav was the August edition of Seventeen. Imagine the thrill when girls I knew from Country Day would appear wearing back to school fashion. The rub was that living in New Orleans pretty much nixed the wearing of the luscious wool creations !

    I wore a dress to the 7th grade dance–burgundy, paisley Empire waist mini–that was featured in Seventeen and cut my hair a la Peggy Moffit. I felt so sophisticated and as if all of my dreams would come true…–s

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