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I have to admit that I’m a serial saver to Delicious.  If I’m short on time, ‘Save a new Bookmark’ gets clicked.  Since I’m busy, it gets clicked often.  Sometimes I forget I’ve bookmarked something that I really, really meant to get back to.  Vancouver based artist,  Brent Comber is one of those.  Anyone who names a piece Fred and Ginger is okay in my book, but beyond that, I think his work for the outdoor spaces  is phenomenal–both the large scale work and the objects and furniture.

His furniture and objects can all be viewed on the website, but here are a few favorites…

China Grove

Solid Sphere


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2 Responses to In my Reader…Brent Comber

  1. LOVE the shape and scale of the bowl.

    Me too. I also like some of the benches which I didn’t show. I think his work is really interesting.–s

  2. Twolipps says:

    Those trees are totally wacky!! Love them.

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