In my Reader…Design for Mankind

This one’s pretty eclectic.  I’ve culled some garden design related images from Erin Loechner’s Design For Mankind who culls them from everywhere.  Links back to the original source are on every post. It’s a fast and furious inspirational blog with multiple entries each day 5 days a week which is why it’s in my reader–no way can I keep up.

Most posts are a single image and a short statement.  Pulling ideas from everywhere, there can be a lack of focus and sometimes things are just plain silly.  But there is so much offered up that it is a funhouse of random inspiration that takes very little time to absorb and move on…perfect for those with a short attention span.   It’s also an incredibly popular site with more than 12,000 hits daily.

lace covered tree 412x513 In my Reader...Design for Mankind

Lace Tree

fox glacier 412x586 In my Reader...Design for Mankind

New Zealand's Fox Glacier

living canvas 412x535 In my Reader...Design for Mankind

Living Art?

broccoli purse 412x413 In my Reader...Design for Mankind

Vegetarian's Purse?

confetti garden 412x309 In my Reader...Design for Mankind

Confetti Garden

In case you missed them…here’s links to a few of the previous ‘In my Reader’ posts: ArchDailyVulgare, and last week’s  The Good Garden.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to In my Reader…Design for Mankind

  1. Cyndy says:

    Oh my Susan, that lace tree is speaking to me!

    Thank Erin, she found it! ;-)–s

  2. erin / dfm says:

    Thanks for the review, Susan! Spot-on! Eclectic, short attention spam, random… yes, ma’am!

    Thanks for reading. ;)

    So happy you approve! It’s absolutely one of my faves for exactly the reasons I gave!–s

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