In my Reader…Design Seeds

Just about now, in the middle of a very snowy and grey January I need a jolt of color.  For color trends and inspiration, Design Seeds is like no other.

Fast, furious and beautifully curated, Jessica Colaluca creates ranges of hues from a single source of inspiration and there are hundreds them.   These are not random pretty pictures with some matched colors–they reflect a keen eye for current design trends.   A forecasting veteran, Jessica has been keeping inspiration notebooks for years.  Her ideas are fluid and her influences are far ranging.  There’s also a companion FB page.  Love it…and I’ll let the inspiration speak for itself…all images courtesy of  Design Seeds.

Color inspiration can come from anywhere or anything…

A full range of hues is there for the discerning eye…most would only see the radish.

Moody and neutral palettes don’t have to be just grey or tan…

Classic blue and white with a twist…

Sun washed and bleached brights.  An exciting and unexpected garden design color scheme could grow from any of these palettes…that’s why they’re seeds.

6 thoughts on “In my Reader…Design Seeds

  1. Susan,
    Color, Color, Color !!!!!
    I love these images; you selected the best of the lot.

    Thanks, Jane. I really need a shot of color after so much snow!–s

  2. It’s because of Jessica that I found – and that’s become an addiction.

    In winter, it’s easy to have on-line addictions. Better than staring at the snow! Love pinterest also!–s

  3. Susan, what a gift you’ve just shared with us! Everyone approaches color in their own way, but simply becoming aware of the ranges of color within a seemingly “monochrome” scene — like the succulent — is a fantastic exercise to develop a sense of nuance. Thank you!

    John–Thank you! Color is a passion of mine. I agonize over it in the same way I do plant choices. It’s so important to everything we do–design and living.–s

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