In my Reader…Dirt Simple

This is one of my favorite blogs about landscape design written by a landscape designer. Its author, Deborah Silver, is also the owner of Detroit Garden Works and The Branch Studio.  Her landscape design aesthetic is traditional as is the shop merchandise and the garden accessories she designs.  She has flawless taste, a remarkable humility, technical chops and a keenly analytical and creative mind.  In other words, she’s the real deal.  In Dirt Simple, Deborah muses on her life, her shop and her design work.  For me, this is a regular read, but it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  Her images illustrate most posts–here are a few recent ones.

The shop store front with window planters below.

In praise (mine) of humble materials used in elegant fashion for this potager’s enclosure.

Capturing the view.

A glowing border.  Deceptively simple in fact.

Just in case you thought things were too subtle…the designer’s own terrace.

6 thoughts on “In my Reader…Dirt Simple

  1. susan, thanks for reminding me about detroit garden works! i remember stopping by her store while visiting with relatives, and i can still recall the unique, finely-selected items she showcased there. this must’ve been right after she opened, because it was before i headed to college for hort/la design. glad to see she’s still at it, and blogging about it too!

    Will make a trip next time I’m anywhere near Michigan!–s

  2. Just love the roof edge. It reminds me of a hat. What a finish to the building’s architecture!!

    At first I thought it might be a green roof, but then when I figured out it was a planter… wow! I’m totally with you on that one.–s

  3. I agree. Her posts do set the mind churning. As you say her style is traditional, but flows out of a rigorous understanding of garden design and history. That she writes so well, so frequently, is amazing.

    You know, I was think the same thing about the frequency and the quality level. No way I could match the output with the same level of quality.–s

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