In my Reader…Fernando Caruncho

I was reminded of  Spanish landscape architect Fernando Caruncho‘s work late last spring while on a garden crawl with fellow designer Jane Derickson.  Several years ago I had read and article about Caruncho’s work in New Jersey by Anne Raver in the New York Times.  Before that time I hadn’t been aware of his work.  I have since bought Mirrors of Paradise:  The Gardens of Fernando Caruncho.

So, if you don’t know his work, here’s a short introduction.  Please click the images to view the source.

3 thoughts on “In my Reader…Fernando Caruncho

  1. Yes, fabulous.
    Came across him thru Monty Don’s 80 world gardens prog on BBC a few years ago.
    So understated and calming!

    I am not shy about admiring others work. In fact I find it inspiring. Wish we had some decent garden programming stateside…we don’t.–s

  2. Hello,
    I am so glad I posted a little something on FB Round Table tonight, because then you liked my photo, and I got curious about You and found your Blog… AND your post about Fernando Caruncho. Lovely, lovely – I’m so happy:-)

    PS I read that your a garden and landscape designer just like me. I am located in Stockholm,Sweden.

    I know Susanne Lundgren who is also a Swedish landscape designer. She’s in Spanga. Her web address is Do you know each other?–s

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