4 thoughts on “In my Reader…Happy Holidays

  1. Hello everyone that joined Susan blogging about my installation at the Arboretum in Summit. I want to thank you all for your comments. I have given them much thought and I feel the need to respond to you. My goal was to create three dimensional drawings that call attention to trees that could disappear if we do not pay attention to our actions towards the environment. My original ten paneled piece was created in reaction to a neighbor cutting down mature trees to build an enormous house. I use nature as my palette, so the tree cut outs change color with the seasons. The positive is actually the negative.The very pale gray violet panels{they are not white} were painted to catch the ever-changing shadows of the surrounding foliage. I used the fence motif because it is stable and repetitive. Perhaps you should visit my website. Patbrentano.com. I respect your opinions and I am thinking about it as I move forward with my work. When the Arboretum commissioned me they asked for trees specifically from their property.I tried to make it work with my idea. Shortly it will be moving to the village green in Summit. Perhaps in a different location you will respond in a more favorable light. Or maybe not, nevertheless feedback is good and press is better than no press. So thank you for posting the work and for all your candid comments. Pat Brentano

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