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This is one for anyone with a short attention span.  Inspire Me Now is a blitz of  inspiration images and ideas curated by Szymon Blaszczyk, a specialist in user experience design.  The blog consists solely of provocative images  that demand a minute’s worth of thought.  Perfect for the busy, busy new year ahead!

Here are some recent and not so recent entries–as always, click the image to be taken to the post.



Roof domain?


Public service…

4 thoughts on “In my Reader…Inspire Me Now

  1. I am now looking more curiously at otherwise mundane things, imagining new and wonderous possibilities for them!

    It is amazing how another person’s view of the world can make us see our everyday one in a new light. I hadn’t thought of that before your comment.–s

  2. I especially love the clothes peg pinching that bulge of soil. Can’t figure out what the top thingie is. It’s a boot tray that looks like the speakers on my laptop. Also what is the green stuff?

    Of course all buses should have greenery on top! Love the birdhouse on the roof too. Of course I always think, how would they clean it?

    It’s an umbrella tray that’s been seeded…maybe there’s a hole in the roof?–s

  3. all of them very creative.
    especially liked pinched.
    would love the opportunity to do more environmental art . guess I should stop making excuses and just do it.

    With your interest in sculpture and awesome design skills it seems like a no brainer to me…–s

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