In my Reader…my book!

This was ‘leaked’ yesterday by a friend on Facebook…it was supposed to be a surprise…

Over the winter I created a look book of built work.  It’s a hybrid between a coffee table book of garden eye candy and more serious text.  I want to do more collaborative design work with architects and interior designers, so the content and pictures are designed to peak their interest.   A soft cover version will be used as a portfolio piece for potential clients.  I’ve always had a ‘leave behind’ portfolio, but my secondary hope is that a book will hang around either office or home when brochures get recycled or filed and cd’s get lost in the shuffle.

Here’s a preview–it’s a little slow to load, but you’ll get the idea.  Let me know what you think!  I haven’t seen the finished product yet…the test print will arrive on Thursday.

5 thoughts on “In my Reader…my book!

  1. Looks like a beautiful book Susan, looking forward to seeing it in the ‘flesh’.

    You must be so excited! :o)

    I’m very excited and astounded by the positive response to it so far. Thanks for taking the time to look!–s

  2. What I see is chockablock with ideas and inspiration. Great photos and nice bits of history included in the test. I’m sure you will be delighted with the client responses.

    Thank you Jackie…I never thought of it as an idea book. Just as a ‘record’ for my now and future clients. Happy you took the time to take a look.–s

  3. The book looks beautiful and I am interested that you used Blurb to put it together. It is good to know you found this a good service to use.

    I used a graphic designer to put it together. I don’t have the patience, but Blurb does offer a simple tool for picture books with templates that are supposed to be easy to use. Thanks for reading it!–s

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