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It’s midwinter and I’m lusting for spring.  I yearn for a sun kissed lazy afternoon in a swing.  Steven Myburgh of Myburgh Designs makes artful, handcrafted swings for garden dreams.   They are totally original and appeal to my love of all things metal.   I can’t think of  a better way to enjoy the fruits of garden labors than in a beautiful handmade swing with a good book and a gentle breeze.

Jasmin Swing

Traditional or contemporary, these swings aren’t for the faint of heart.  They make a BIG statement.

Bubble Swing

So as it snows more and I procrastinate going out to shovel, I’ll dream of swings and warmer days ahead.

4 thoughts on “In my Reader…Myburgh Designs

  1. I sure you are right that dreams and denials are the order of the day at the moment!
    But the light levels are changing and that gives us hope.

    I begin doing the spring happy dance in February when I don’t have to walk the dog in the dark in the morning…alas it’s still January and there’s a couple of inches of snow to shovel…–s

  2. These double as garden sculpture. Very cool. (Not the January kind of coolth, though they’d also look interesting with a dusting of snow.)

    In the opening slide show on the website there’s just that–two swings side by side with a dusting of snow.–s

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