In my reader…Nude and blushing

This is the first in a series about what I read and how it influences my design work.  Posts will likely be link rich, so feel free to explore much of the same material and see if it inspires you too.  I post regularly on Monday and Wednesday (with sporadic bursts in between) so for the foreseeable future Friday will be in the mix.  Isn’t summer the time to catch up on your reading anyway?

Back in May the Huffington Post published an article ‘NUDE: Fashion’s Most Debated Color’.  Then about a week ago, Pantone (@pantonetrends) tweeted this color palette. (Yup, I’m connecting the dots again…)

Since then it’s been lingering in the back of my mind as possible inspiration for a garden–not one for harsh light either.  These colors would disappear in clear bright light.

Since I’m hands on, I went to two of my go to websites–Colourlovers and Image Spark–to explore the possibilities for myself.  Both are fast and intuitive–the entire process was less than an hour combined.  I’ve discussed both before, but since this is about inspiration I think they deserve a second look.

Ultimately this exercise strayed away from ‘nude’ and morphed into something I called Blush.  Here’s a color palette that I fooled around with on Colourlovers.


and an inspiration I played with board on Image Spark.


Every now and again it’s good to stretch and PLAY with something just because.

2 thoughts on “In my reader…Nude and blushing

  1. Hello Susan,

    Last week you made me drag my solstice yellow shirt out of the closet- today you’ve transported me back to a master bedroom we put together 20-odd years ago, with the colors in your Blush palette. A garden with those colors would just bleach out in Texas sun, alas.

    It was a lovely bedroom. If I think about it any longer I’ll need a cold drink.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    I so knew that about the harsh unfiltered light you have. I kind of like the fleshy quality of these colors for lots of things…not just gardens.

  2. I am very interested in your palette ideas for color. Miss Rumphius the Lupine Lady is one of my favorite books/movies since I teach first grade. My goal is to have every child want to change the world. I want them to start right now. I bring my students to my garden and then we write a short story about changing the world. It is amazing what topics I get! I wish I would have saved some of them. Thanks for your wonderful blogs.

    Thank you first for recognizing my namesake…and second for a wonderful story about learning about individual power to make change. A virtual bouquet is coming your way!

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