In my Reader…Perspectives from an Italian Garden

Just when spring was warming up–it snowed this week on gardens in the  NY/NJ metropolitan area…twice.  I started dreaming about being someplace else…anywhere really.   I let Gervais de Bedee take me to his corner of Italy and on his travels throughout Europe via his beautiful blog Perspectives from an Italian Garden.  Always elegant and classic in its point of view, Bedee’s blog also reflects the broad range of his interests from gardens to food to art to interiors.  Here’s a quick tour of some European (plus one from Morocco) gardens…

Villa d'Este, Lake Cuomo


Private garden, Taroudant, Morocco


Potager at Arabella Lenox-Boyd's garden 'Gresgarth'


Townhouse Entry, London


Small garden, El Escorial, Spain


4 thoughts on “In my Reader…Perspectives from an Italian Garden

  1. Susan, I wonder if in the Spanish garden the hedges are Teucrium chamaedrys or boxwood….what is your guess?
    Thanks for the field trip!

    If you look at the shadows adjacent the path they look like boxwood for sure!–s

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