In my Reader…Planterworx

Brooklyn based Planterworx fabricates steel planters and features for landscapes.  A friend sent me a photo via a Tweet from the New York Gift Show earlier in the week.  When they deviate from the ‘box’ planters, their work is interesting and their capabilities for custom work is a happy discovery for me as a landscape designer.

19 In my Reader...Planterworx


A stainless water feature in New York…

5 In my Reader...Planterworx

Stainless water feature

I was particularly intrigued by this installation at Boothby Square in Portland, Maine…I can think of other applications and silhouettes to use in my own work.

7 In my Reader...Planterworx

Stainless steel waves

8 In my Reader...Planterworx

Waves of grass and steel

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  1. Katie says:

    Great find Susan! Love this stuff!

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