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In America this week, it’s all about the thankful feast.  A feast of family, a feast of travel, and a feast of food.  In honor of that, I’ve decided to digress from my usual garden and design oriented entries and include my new favorite food/living blog…Sparkling Ink.  I found the blog while trying to track down a photograph credit for this past Wednesday’s Dining al Fresco post.   I never did find the picture, but got lost in this blog’s recipes and beautiful images for over an hour. That’s a long time in this busy season…


The photography (some the author’s, some not) emphasizes simply prepared food, home and travel presented in an uncomplicated format.  All photos here are from Sparkling Ink–click through to the blog post and/or recipe they illustrate.  The blog design is elegant and understated.  Each post is written in a conversational style and the recipes are accessible–with ingredients that are often on hand in most well stocked pantries or are easy to find.

Recipes, Food

Panna Cotta

Having just gone to see Alberto Alessi speak this week, I was particularly enamored with this tray…


Harri Kosinen tray/container for Alessi

Even though it’s a bit early for scenes of snow here, I thought this was stunning in its simplicity.

Snow, garden

Snowy Garden

I hope you enjoy Sparkling Ink as much as I do…

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend!

    Tiina–I truly am a fan!-s

  2. Love your blog and Sparkling Ink! Tiina’s photos are stunning.

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