In my Reader…Studio Roosegaarde

I’ll admit I’m a bit design obsessed.  Sadly, I don’t have an equal interest in science.  I do, however, admire designers who push the boundaries of technolgy in their work and Dutch designer Daan Roosegarrde and his Studio Rossegaarde is one of those.  Lately it seems as if all the cool kids are Dutch.

Studio Rossegaarde might at first seem to have nothing to do with garden design until you read their mission…to create interactive artworks which explore the dynamic relation between space, people and technology. To me, add plants, and that’s the same mission I have in my landscape and garden designs.

Here is a short video of one of the projects profiled on the studio website in action.

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3 thoughts on “In my Reader…Studio Roosegaarde

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  2. Very beautiful. I love the play of light and when it is used artistically. Light is an important design tool in architecture and garden design.

    You are right in that. Too often neglected also…or treated as an extension of interior lighting.–s

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