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I’m not a houseplant kind of girl and it’s the middle of January.  The only chance I have at bloom color at home is cut  flowers.   Enter designer Suzanne Cummings.  I ‘met’ Suzanne via Twitter and we’ve been chatting back and forth.

When I visited her website I was totally impressed by her incredible handcrafted flowers.  Suzanne carries out each piece with a keen designer’s eye and ability to edit.  Bouquets are hand held gardens.

A hand tied bouquet

If there is such a thing as artisnal flower arranging then this is it.

Texture, color, scale, rhythm and repetition

Arrangements are designed with the same attention to detail that I would put into a garden design.  Color, texture, repetition, rhythm and scale…all elements of good design are all there.

Table top simplicity

If I lived in Chicago where she works I would be a regular customer at her store.  In winter, since I always have a vase of flowers on my worktable, I would take one of the classes she offers at her studio/shop to learn how and to dream of the coming spring.

Suzanne's Chicago Atelier

All photographs courtesy of Suzanne Cummings.

3 thoughts on “In my Reader…Suzanne Cummings

  1. I’m not a house plant kinda gal either but love a bouquet of flowers in the house.
    Thanks for the colorful link to this talented florist !
    Even here in snowless coastal California we appreciate a bit of bright color during our gloomy overcast rainy days.
    To bring some color into the house this week I cut the final leaves off of my cannas, heliconias and bananas.
    For another arrangement, in a series of small glass test tube like vases I placed some cut papyrus and melianthus leaves. It did the trick !

    Me, I have to make due with a vase full of purple tulips and solidago purchased at Whole Foods. Suzanne is not only talented but she’s a great person too. So nice to make these connections. You were the first.–s

  2. Found the top bouquet wishy and didn’t like the wispy bits, but love the combo of plummy and limey in the one below. That is always so invigorating!

    I loved the wispy bits! And that’s part of what gives us each our own aesthetic…–s

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