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There’s a new garden lifestyle blog in town and it’s worth a look.  The Good Garden is Sarah Kinbar’s brand new blog.  In case you don’t know, Sarah was also the Editor in Chief of Garden Design magazine for the past several years.  She has an inquisitive mind and great taste.  Add to this honesty (she hasn’t been reading Organic Gardening) and a her own point of view and well…see for yourself.

Here’s some of what’s she’s posted in the first month…

'We Must Go'

A post about Fresno, California’s Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno…this single photograph makes me want to put it on my go to list also…


Some would consider this garden design blasphemy…but YES! I agree, gardens should be pretty again.  Apparently so do more than a few others in the Rise of Pretty Gardens.

Tool Shed Green Roof

This green roof is achievable by just about anyone…love that the shed is plum colored also!  Not sure why the post is titled Tood Shed Greenroof though…

Photograph by Richard Felber

This week Sarah not only featured Richard Felber’s incredible garden phototgraphy, but Garden & Gun magazine…and

Royal Hawaiian Hotel via Elle Decor

The pink and grey outdoor lounge at the The Royal Hawaiian hotel as shown in Elle Decor this month.  Now that’s right up my eclectic alley.

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3 thoughts on “In my Reader…The Good Garden

  1. Now that is a blog worth reading !
    Thanks for the recommendation.
    Enjoying your inspirational blog too these warm summer days.
    So happy you liked it. I think it’s going to grow into something even better as she goes along! Keep cool!–s

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