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A quick trip to Vulgare is often all I need to get a shot of inspiration.  Written by Thomas Barbey in collaboration with Olivier Cazin, this blog is a eclectic cornucopia of images and ideas of landscapes and the natural world from everywhere.  There’s almost no text and the images and what  they post is not all new.  What they are is challenging, and there’s not enough of that on-line with regards to gardens and garden design.

From serious to silly here are some recent entries that have caught my eye.  Click the image to go to that post.

Danish Allotment gardens
Eliptical allotment gardens in Denmark c. 1952

The full post shows conceptual drawings and more photographs.  Who says allotments and community gardens have to be rectangular?

Paving Pattern in the Netherlands

Graphic examples of paving always inspire me to experiment on walkways and patios.  A simple image can jump start my process.

Burl on an Oak

Holy Quercus burl Batman!

Aerial view of Parque de Las Llamas in Spain, c. 2007

This post has multiple images of the park as built and is worth a longer look than I have room to post here.

Some silliness

Just because life’s too short to be serious all the time.

2 thoughts on “In my Reader…Vulgare

  1. Some interesting stuff there. I’m a softie for attention to paving design…

    You and me both. There’s some really interesting paving that I would never get to see in real life…thank heavens for people who share visuals!–s

  2. Susan, I’m enjoying your reader series, you have lots of interesting sites to share. I love the topiary cottage, complete with smoke in the chimney, and the pounding rain it seems to be enduring!

    Right about now that rain looks grand! I don’t want you to get the impression that all I do is surf…I usually don’t read any of it until Sunday which makes me a tardy commenter in most cases…late to the party as usual.–s

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