In the garden with DigIt!

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I spent Friday afternoon visiting two gardens I designed with Mary Jasch, publisher and editor of DigIt!.  Mary and I first met in 2004 when she included a piece about my first display garden in her great on-line magazine.  We had a wonderful time talking and taking pictures.

Here’s some photos (of mine-click to enlarge them) of one of the two gardens.  I’m sure Mary’s photos will be much better.

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  1. OMG That Espalier!! Gorgeous gardens (so lush and green, you can almost hear them squish underfoot, right?) Thanks for sharing…

  2. Susan aka Miss. R

    Thank our spring season of rainy weather for all that lush green! Client’s sprinklers haven’t been on yet…

  3. susita

    I love the walkway- what plant is that between the stones? It looks marvellous- why don’t you come to Germany and help out in my shady.shady tiny midtown garden which has a bunker from WWII in it! It#S cool but …

  4. Susan aka Miss. R

    The dwarf mondo grass between the bluestone flags is Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nana.’

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