Inspiration and Influence: Craftsman Farms

As the brilliant fall foliage fades, I find myself thinking more and more about larger themes in the natural world and how they directly inform my own landscape design work.  Response to concerns about the health of our planet and its inhabitants have designers in all disciplines embracing sustainable practices and hailing biomimicry as the next design paradigm.  I have always looked for inspiration from the natural environment (among many other things), so this week I stopped at Craftsman Farms which is close to where I live in New Jersey



Originally more than 600 acres, the now 30 acre property is a National Historic Site.  Deservedly so, it is one of the most significant examples of American Arts and Crafts architecture.  Craftsman Farms also illustrates visually how the landscape can inform all types of design.

Local materials are used throughout

The main house in situ

Gustav Stickley, the visionary behind it, is most famous now for his now highly collectible ‘Craftsman’ style furniture.  Craftsman Farms is an outgrowth of his particular aesthetic, philosophical and social ideas.  Stickley built the compound almost 100 years ago as a model for sustainability.    The main house, which Stickley had planned as the center piece of a farm school for boys,  has been painstakingly restored but the garden areas have not.

Restored facade

Restored facade

It is a place inspired by its sense of place, much like gardens can be.



Natural steps

Natural steps

The idea that we as designers are a part of a larger natural system and need to be nourished and inspired by that system is best summed up in Stickley’s own words–“We need to go often to the treasury of Nature that we may restore, renew the magnetic force that makes us valuable to ourselves, to others. Nature gives so generously to those who go to her….She heals and enriches, never drains or impoverishes, and is always trustworthy, reliable.”

Note:  A short companion video can be viewed by clicking  here.

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6 Responses to Inspiration and Influence: Craftsman Farms

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  2. Wonderful quote from Stickley – and I completely agree!

    As always, thanks for your comment. I think the quote says more than I do.–S

  3. how it grows says:

    Beautiful house and I like your videos!

    The house is indeed beautiful. Inside it’s all handmade and incredibly crafted, but that’s another story. –Susan

  4. James Golden says:

    Thanks for the tour. It reminds me I want to get there one day. Have you seen Fonthill in Doylestown, PA, and the neighboring Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. If not, I recommend a visit, especially a tour of Fonthill. Another Arts & Crafts gem, though I wouldn’t want to live in in that cold, concrete building.

    James, not yet is the answer. I will be visiting now on your recomendation. I checked out their website immediately. Thanks for the tip–I love peculiar travel suggestions!–S

  5. eliz says:

    If you come to the Buffalo bloggers meet-up you can see Roycroft–American arts and crafts central!

    I hope I can come to the fling this year…and Roycroft…you betcha!–S

  6. jasonalonzo says:

    Beautiful and very romantic photos. Landscape designs or sustainable landscape design offer better hospitable view.

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