Inspiration and Influence: Hayao Miyazaki

For some it was reading Cradle to Cradle, for others it was seeing Al Gore’s charts and hearing the eloquence of his environmental message in an Inconvenient Truth.  Others still, can trace their actions to reading Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring or participating in the first Earth Day in the 1970s.

I never imagined that the art and messages in Japanese animated films could have as a  profound environmental influence on my work as those mentioned above.  Princess Mononoke was the first Hayao Miyazaki film I saw.  Having been introduced to anime via my then, preteen son, I was not expecting much.

The Primeval Forest

From the opening sequence I was spellbound at the beauty of the Miyazaki’s complex natural imagery and intrigued by the underlying messages about the consequences of  human alteration of the natural world.  Ten years later, I find images from this film popping up in my visual memory long after the viewing has been over.

The Forest Spirits

I have seen other work by Miyazaki  and environmentalism is a reoccurring theme.   It is impossible to convey the urgency of his message and the incredible beauty of the art in still images, you have to see the films.


All of the images here are from the official Princess Mononoke Miramax webpage .

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