Inspiration and Influence: Image Spark

I love tools that allow me to work intuitively.  I don’t mind spending time to master the use of a new tool, but when one comes along that is as elegant  as Image Spark  I have to share.  Image Spark a place to find and save visual inspiration.

It’s the first site I’ve found for visual bookmarking that makes sense to me.  I use Flickr and PhotoShop for many things, but Image Spark is a snap (no pun intended) to use.  It’s easy and intuitive.   It is social in that you can view and share images from others by simply hitting a plus icon–use the minus to delete.  You create a library of images via your own photos or easy (and automatically credited) uploading from the web (with a simple right click for Windows) or by grabbing images from other users.   You can make images private if you don’t want to share them.  Here’s a link to my library part of which is shown below.

Image Spark Library
Image Spark Library

The best part of Image Spark is not the library, it’s what you can do with it.  Using a very simple drag and drop interface you can create mood boards with your images. This type of visualization is key for any designer.  Images can be resized and placed how and where you want them–the same way you would do with a traditional cut and paste mood board.  Currently, there is a 2 mood board limit and the only way to share them (other than the screen shots I made) is to do so via a link.  Below is a screen shot of an inspiration board I made using some of the images from my library shown above–click on the board to enlarge it or view the original is here.  Yeah, I was in one of those Secret Garden meets Wuthering Heights meets Out of Africa moods.

Garden Inspiration
Garden Inspiration

Speaking of sharing…I have to thank my very own art school student, Alex, whose instructor in a Design Procedures class turned him on to the site and he in turn showed me.

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration and Influence: Image Spark

  1. I’m sold! But … where do I find the time for this new toy? As it is when other people watch TV or read a book before bed, I play with photos and PhotoShop. Susan I absolutely love the nouveau doorway and the “woven walls” and the spiral lawn!

  2. This is a great tool, Susan! Just what I needed today. Way to be on top of things and passing it on!

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