Inspiration and Influence: What I Like Now

As a designer, I am constantly exploring  in search of  new ideas and inspiration.  It’s part of my job life.  I spend a chunk of time each day on what I call ‘input’.  Without it, my output gets stale.  In addition to all of  my offline activities, I read blogs and explore links shared via Twitter and other social media sites.  Throughout my day I may search for any number of things on the web from plant requirements to furniture to stone patterns to other landscape designer’s websites.  I still prefer to see things firsthand whenever possible because sometimes looking at something on the web feels as if there’s a scrim between me and it.  It’s not tactile.

I share a truncated version of what I am currently interested in to the right in the ‘What I like now’ column.  There aren’t any photos in this post because they’re in those links if you take a look.   These sites rotate in and out on an irregular basis since my interests vary within the context of what I’m working on at a given moment–so it’s not a who’s who or a list of who’s in the club.  Sometimes a site will disappear for a while only to reappear later.  There are a couple of those now.  It is not a traditional blog roll nor is it all about gardens–it’s my own eclectic list of what I like now and it could change again tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration and Influence: What I Like Now

  1. Susan,
    Great idea for a post!!! I am always looking at new ways to both inspire and become inspired. As you so aptly put it “so my output doesn’t get stale.”
    Fighting the cynicism of feeling like I haven’t seen anything new in such a long while, keeps me constantly on the look out as you are.
    I really enjoy how you are choosing to tackle this idea of keeping fresh ideas coming!
    The Personal Garden Coach

    Like I said, it’s part of my life. I love to see things I’ve never seen before and explore ideas that are new to me. It’s all part of the process and that, for me, is as important as anything else in my life.

  2. Great Blog, Susan! I probably spend three or four hours a day reading, looking, thinking, etc. for inspiration. I always say “nothing comes out unless something goes in.” I notice for myself that if I write a lot, like 12 hrs a day for three or four days, my appetite for reading and exploring is voracious!

    I learn more about who I am and what I don’t like sometimes than from what I do like. I spend some time each morning exploring. Sometimes on other’s recommendations, sometimes on my own. I try to stay open. Here’s one from a FB friend, Pam Hill this morning. Enjoy.

  3. Great post! I love other blogs for inspiration and it keeps me fresh for posting on mine!

    Charlotte–Thanks! I like blogs, websites, images, videos, whatever suits my mood at the time and engages me when I see it. All of them get jumbled up and hopefully spur me to create something new and uniquely me–even though the inspiration came from someone else. It’s an organic circular process.

  4. I like the idea of your “what I’m interested in” … and we have the same attitude toward input and output! The fair is over, made some money, now focused on the next one in Philadelphia.

    In a way, my conversation with you sparked this post. I want as much influence as possible in order to be able to run it through my filter and spark ideas–like flint and steel.

  5. Good idea! Inspiration is food for the creative soul. Putting it to good use in this way also ensures you keep your license to meander!

    You hit the nail on the head with the word meander…one path usually leads me down another and another and another until I find my own way. Isn’t that what inspiration is about?

  6. Kudos on this inspirational feature on what inspires Miss R!

    Somehow I’m not surprised that you, Susan, came up with this idea.

    You’re the person that always comes to mind when I see something noteworthy/
    exciting /
    shocking /
    innovative …. during my spells at the computer.
    Yep, you’re at the top of my list of ‘good things’ about twitter!

    Alice–from you that is high praise indeed. Thank you.

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