Inspriation and Influence–1st Dibs

I really like 1st Dibs. I don’t visit it every day, or even every week, but when I do it sucks me in and when I’m done I’ve spent more time than I had planned.

1st Dibs is a huge on-line marketplace for antiques and mid-century modern furniture and accessories–Portobello Road or the Paris Flea Market on steroids. 1st Dibs also has a beautifully designed and edited section on people, places and ideas. There are great garden elements to be found–bought or used as inspiration.

The profiles in Style Compass or books in Required Reading get me every time.

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2 thoughts on “Inspriation and Influence–1st Dibs

  1. love that gate! I was recently at Ikea and they had a thing…(i am not exactly sure what its actual intent was — perhaps head board?) that was very very similar, though I am sure much more on the budget end…anyway, my immediate thought was how it would be a great gate with a little modification

  2. Thanks for the comment Rochelle! Headboards as gates, gates as headboards it’s all in the inspiration and interpretation.

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