It’s Summer!

It’s summer and that brings a whole different set of thoughts, ideas and activities.  I went out the other night to walk the dog and was totally enchanted by fireflies in a way I hadn’t been since childhood.  I miss the magic of summer and am going to try and recapture some of it this year.

We have tried to convey what we feel summer means our new issue of Leaf.

Leaf Magazine Summer 2012

Summer issue of Leaf Magazine

So for the next few summery weeks,  when I’m not working on landscape design related things, summer will be roadtrips, beach trips, picnics and all sorts of other non-garden-y activities.  Where am I going?  Next week points north for a bit, but more about that later.



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2 Responses to It’s Summer!

  1. doug myers says:

    Thanks for all the great stuff in Leaf; I look forward to each issue. Enjoy your summer holidays!

  2. Thank you for Leaf Magazine, and also for a charming blog. I found my way with the help of Frances Mayes and a link she posted on Twitter 🙂

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